What we do

We conceive and build house projects, each individually designed, within our ongoing house style, to fit to its site.  We choose land that “speaks” to us; we base our design around the existing features of the land, its views, orientation, topography, vegetation.
We try to give a fresh contemporary look to the traditional style, as though it were an old house that had lately been converted. A great deal of effort goes into the building process to bring in a well thought out set of small details, which give the house personality and charm, along with a great attention to the setting into its landscape of the house and its terraces.


I believe that the plan form and the volumes of the spaces are the essence of successful house design. I am very interested in finding ways to create proportions that act positively on the psyche. For me, the main test of a house is whether it feels good to be in it.

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We like to work with the same craftsmen on all our projects. We welcome inspection of our sites during construction and can modify to clients requirements according to how far the work has advanced. Alternatively, clients may get involved at the planning stage on projects not yet started.