In the Mediterranean climate, outside is of equal importance to inside. Gardening is one of the first things we do when we take on a piece of land.  We take stock of the features of the land, both the topography and the trees and plants on it. On the sort of land we work with, that will either be orderly lines of the traditional cash crop trees for dry land:  almond and carob, or the natural forest mix of pine, wild olive and some evergreen oak, as well as the ever present “matoral”.  The Mediterranean climate is ideal for gardening, subject to limitations of water.



Gardening starts when we take on a piece of land: pruning the trees; ploughing and clearing;  repairing stone walls and preparing new terraces according to the evolving project design.

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We work as much as possible with the local species adapted to the climate and not requiring long term watering beyond initial planting.

Priority is given to

  • Making the most of light and shade
  • Use of Mediterranean plant species
  • Orientation to sun and views
  • Balance of planting for extended flowering season