We want our plan layouts to lead to comfortable and easy living.

We believe that the most important thing about a house interior is that it feels good to live in it, and that a rational plan with logical movement flows is a key component in achieving this.

Intensive site supervision is the heart of our system. Watching the daily evolution of the building with modification accordingly.


We aim for our interiors to be like modern conversions of original houses, combining the traditional details and materials with a modern more fluid layout and lighter, contemporary approach to colours and textures.

DD Vintage Sunburst Shapes 67543


The key themes are:

  • Proportion:  Harmonious or disharmonious proportion works on the psyche.
  • Layout:  Layouts based around the logic of the movement flows are harmonious
  • Detail:  Carefully thought out, and not overdone detail, based around a coherent concept, gives personality, and satisfies if done successfully.