All our work is done in the architectural vocabulary of the traditional peasant farmhouses of the area and is based on locally available materials. Working within the traditional volumes and proportions of this style allows the landscape to absorb new constructions with much lower impact.

Outside starts with absorbing the features of the land: orientation to sun and wind, as well as views; how to work with any special existing features such as existing trees or small abandoned structures.


The local style of architecture has a distinctive, and very charming visual vocabulary. It tends to consist of an accretion of outbuildings around a central farmhouse, providing significant scope for pleasing combinations that appear to have evolved organically.

DD Vintage Sunburst Shapes 67543

The inside/outside living in the mediterranean is a core feature of our work. Particular importanceĀ is givenĀ to climate, both those times you want the sun and those times not.

Special attention is paid to:

  • Courtyards
  • Patios and terraces
  • Pool zones